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Uplift functional Nutrition 

Uplift Functional Nutrition is a specialist nutrition clinic for mood & mind, gastrointestinal health and weight management Based in Newbury 



I provide evidence based, targeted nutrition and lifestyle programmes to help you reach your health goals whether that be to improve your overall health and wellbeing, achieve clearer thinking, improve your mood, reduce bloating or to lose a few kilograms. 

The easy to follow programmes are based on the concepts of Functional Medicine which promotes the health of the whole bodily system rather than focusing on one area. This means for example that the improvement in brain health is a result of restoring balance to other areas of the body such as the gut microbiome and reducing inflammation, rather than targeting just the brain.

I am also a specialist in Functional Testing so can help you carry out comprehensive testing around the gut microbiome, metabolism or genetic testing if you want to take the next step to investigate underlying imbalances. 

Salmon in Sauce


What my clients say

'I have been suffering with Long Covid for 6 months, with no real improvement in my various symptoms and conditions. After taking on board Kate's advice within 2 weeks I noticed a huge reduction in ALL of my symptoms. For the first time in 6 months I feel like I now have control of my life again!!! She has offered sound advice and continues to guide me along the path to recovery! The two words 'thank you' are simply not enough to show my gratitude for what she has done to help me!' (Doctify Verified Review)

'All I need to say is that I am so glad that I met Kate.  She is very approachable and caring; and always happy to reply to my emails whenever I have a question.  Although I am slightly overweight, I went to see Kate not for weight loss, but for nutrition advice regarding eating more healthily.  She supplied a marvellous list of foods to consume and to avoid, and gave advise about foods that I was not even aware to question.  Most importantly of all, she identified that while I am not allergic to wheat as such, it does upset my gut.  Her advice to not consume any wheat products have resulted in less overall inflammation, no more irritable bowel syndrome symptoms and weight loss!' (Doctify Verified) 

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