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  • Do you feel out of control with your weight?


  • Do you need help changing your eating habits - for life? 

Weight Management

City Life Nutrition is a specialist clinic for weight management and Metabolic Balance. I help busy people who feel out of control with their weight - make solid, long lasting changes to their eating habits and lifestyle in order to gain balance naturally and achieve great health for life.  All using whole, nourishing and delicious meals.  


There are two different options that you can choose - Metabolic Balance or Shape up and Shift. For more information on either of these please click on the relevant pages.


Health Testing

I also offer diagnostic testing for those who want to dig deeper and need help getting to the root cause of longer term health issues. As an expert in testing having worked for diagnostic testing laboratories for a number of years advising doctors and other therapists - I can help you decide which tests to choose and support you in putting together a route map to health. Have a look at the functional tests page for more information. 


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Personalised weight management and health programme built around what your body needs.

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Specialist help for those struggling with bloating, abdominal discomfort and cramps after eating


Tests specific to you, helping support your bespoke programme to ensure your best results.

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