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City Life Nutrition; Microbiome Expert

   Gut and Microbiome Expert



Are you experiencing

Bloating, gas, gut discomfort, headaches, brain fog, muscle aches & pains, skin issues, depression or other mental health issues? 

These types of symptoms are often linked with imbalance of microbes in the gut. The good news is that there is a lot that you can do to improve the health of your gut and the microbes; which can then improve the efficiency of digestion and at the same time reduce inflammation in the rest of the body and reduce the risk of developing chronic inflammatory disorders. 


It is not a 'one approach fits all' and very much depends on your own individual health history, exposures, genetics, diet and much more in order to get to the root cause of your symptoms. 

Finding gut health and microbiome testing a confusing area with so many different companies? 

You can book a 30 minute free consultation using the link below.  This is a no obligation free chat about your specific health issues with me, a gut health expert who has worked for gut health testing laboratories and functional medicine doctors for a number of years and can listen to your issues and suggest a way forward based on your budget. (yes, testing is expensive and not always necessary) 

Salmon in Sauce


What my clients say

'I have been suffering with Long Covid for 6 months, with no real improvement in my various symptoms and conditions. After taking on board Kate's advice within 2 weeks I noticed a huge reduction in ALL of my symptoms. For the first time in 6 months I feel like I now have control of my life again!!! She has offered sound advice and continues to guide me along the path to recovery! The two words 'thank you' are simply not enough to show my gratitude for what she has done to help me!' (Doctify Verified Review)

'All I need to say is that I am so glad that I met Kate.  She is very approachable and caring; and always happy to reply to my emails whenever I have a question.  Although I am slightly overweight, I went to see Kate not for weight loss, but for nutrition advice regarding eating more healthily.  She supplied a marvellous list of foods to consume and to avoid, and gave advise about foods that I was not even aware to question.  Most importantly of all, she identified that while I am not allergic to wheat as such, it does upset my gut.  Her advice to not consume any wheat products have resulted in less overall inflammation, no more irritable bowel syndrome symptoms and weight loss!' (Doctify Verified) 

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