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Eat Wise Live Well

  • Do you want to supercharge your health and wellbeing and shift a few pounds in the process?


  • Do you have ongoing health issues which have not been fully resolved through conventional medicine?

City Life Nutrition is a specialist clinic for weight management and optimising health. Kate uses the functional medicine approach alongside specialist testing to investigate underlying imbalances which may be driving ongoing health issues and will work with you to create a long-term personalised health plan which will support you on your route to health and longevity.


Kate is also a Metabolic Balance coach, Metabolic Balance is a science based, personalised weight loss programme which actually works on optimising all aspects of health, weight loss being a 'side effect'. 

The clinic has recently relocated from London to Haywards Heath in West Sussex, sessions are also available remotely. 

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Personalised weight management and health programme built around what your body needs.

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Specialist help for those struggling with bloating, abdominal discomfort and cramps after eating


Tests specific to you, helping support your bespoke programme to ensure your best results.

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