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Metabolic Balance

What is metabolic balance®?

Metabolic Balance® is a healthy weight loss programme tailored specifically to you based on your blood analysis. The programme offers quick to prepare meals using whole foods. The goal is to guide you to optimal health and to bring your body back into balance.

Each day consists of three meals;  each meal consists of a specific portion size of protein and vegetables, with the option of adding rye bread.  Once per week you can have a 'treat' meal which is anything that you want. The programme starts off very strict for the first two weeks and gradually is adapted to include more food as time goes on. 

What my clients love about this programme is that it teaches you how to eat in a way that is right for your body with foods that are tasty, filling and nutritious. It is not a diet but a way of eating that is strict during the first few weeks but becomes more flexible over time and you can keep coming back to if you happen to stray off the path from time to time

"I have tried many eating plans without much success. Working with Kate on the Metabolic Balance has been life changing . Not only have I lost many kilos, I now have healthy skin & hair and boundless energy. I can not recommend this more highly. (Google verified review) "

How much is it and What does it include? 

I offer very competitive rates on the Metabolic Balance programme. The average rate charged for this in the London area is £900, I offer the programme for £995. 

This is what it includes: 

  • Initial assessment (60 minutes) Comprehensive health evaluation with body composition assessments and body measurements taken.  You will then need to go to the phlebotomy clinic to have your blood drawn for the analysis.

  • Planning and preparation session (60 minutes): Once we have the blood results back and the personalised plan has been created, we will go through this together and ensure you are ready to go with the new way of eating. 

  • Three x 40 minute nutrition and coaching sessions. At each session you will have a weight and body composition analysis, support with food ideas and coaching.  


  • Post plan support. Ongoing support is available on a monthly basis for just £50 per month to keep you on track

Kate was very methodical and scientific in her approach and explained everything in a level of detail that made it easy to understand the ‘why’ behind the rules. She was strict without being sanctimonious and was very encouraging on progress. Would recommend to anyone who has a strong resolve going and is prepared to be disciplined. The first few weeks of the programme are tough and there isn’t really any flex, you need to be organised and focused. Kate is however there at anytime to guide, support and encourage. I certainly achieved what i wanted to from the programme and feel better able to manage my mid life energy and healthy eating habits. Thank you Kate!

Why Choose Me? 

  • I have a long list of happy customers who have reached their happy weight and seen incredible health benefits in the process.

  • I can help with issues around thyroid function and other more complex imbalances with my background in functional testing and autoimmunity I can help you dig deeper to the root cause of health issues. 

  • I can make it easier for you by visiting you in your home or office. 

  • I have a qualification in health coaching to help support you through the difficult times. 

  • I think I probably offer the most competitive price on my Metabolic Balance programme. 

Your plan

A scientifically proven programme, simply individual and simple to follow. Food items are optimally matched through your blood work, to help regulate your metabolism and restore balance. A healthy and balanced metabolism ultimately leads to weight loss whilst improving well-being and reducing symptoms.


4 Phases of Metabolic Balancing®




You will gently detox the body for two days, this stage is very effective at reducing sugar cravings and helps to reduce your appetite. Preparing you for stage 2. 



Strict Adjustment

This phase lasts for 2 weeks and your body will begin to adjust to this new way of eating. These 2 weeks are when the magic happens and you will notice a difference in your body shape. Increases in vitality and sleep quality and common benefits seen during this stage. As your metabolism starts to rebalance you may experience energy dips which usually pass quickly 



Relaxed Adjustment

Relaxed adjustment. You may add in new foods to the programme and indulge in ‘cheat’ meals. Clients report steady weight loss and improvements in health and well being.




Once your target weight is achieved then you enter the fourth phase which is continued on a long term basis. You will discuss with your coach some simple guidelines to maintain a healthy functioning metabolism and general good health.

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