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How I work and Pricing

'Pay As you' Go Online Consultations:

  • Initial Consultation (1  hour): £95

  • Follow up Consultation (45mins) £75


  • Microbiome test to assess levels of different organisms in the gut 

  • Two consultations - one pre testing and one post testing. 


  • Three consultations (initial consultation, results consultation and follow up at 8 weeks) 

  • Food sensitivity testing for 136 foods 

  • Intestinal permeability testing (gut barrier panel) 

  • Microbiome Test (stool test) 


Functional Testing Support Service 

This is a service for those who already know which tests they want to run and need a certified practitioner to order these tests for them and explain the results. Due to my extensive experience with functional testing, I can help you get the most out of the tests that you want to run and explain them comprehensively and in language that you will understand.  

I hour Results Interpretation Appointment £95

Please note, you will also need to pay for the test itself which can range from £150 - £380.

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