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How I work and Pricing

Nutrition and Lifestyle Programmes

I work slightly differently to other nutritional therapists in that the first step in my protocol is to put in place a dietary and lifestyle programme based on your health goals. Once you have established a healthy way of eating and incorporated some lifestyle practices such as meditation or breathing exercises, you may find that this is enough to get you on your way, or you may decide you want to dig deeper and investigate underlying causes of imbalances: 

1. 'The Basics': £180

This includes a one hour consultation and comprehensive diet and lifestyle plan including suggestions for breakfast, lunch and dinner, with simple recipes. 


2. 'Investigative work' £70 per session 

If you decide to dig deeper to investigate potential reasons for ongoing imbalances, we can do this using functional testing for example stool tests, genetic testing or hormone testing. 

Further appointments: £70 (45 minutes) & the cost of the tests that we decide to use. 

Weight Management Programmes

I don't believe in 'diets'. Through experience I have found that achieving a new 'set point weight' long term, can only be achieved by making solid changes to the way that you eat and tp your lifestyle. Creating new habits using foods that you enjoy and physical activity that you will look forward to doing. To achieve a new set point weight, I recommend at least four sessions in which you will receive a personalised food plan and coaching over a three month period with weekly 'screen shot check ups'.  After the three months you can decide if you want to keep on with monthly check in sessions. 

Shape up 3 month Plan: £390 

  • Initial one hour consultation and health assessment,

  • Personalised food plan with simple recipes and specific food products to purchase

  • Three more 30 minute coaching sessions over the 3 month period

  • Weekly data screenshot check-ins


For ongoing, long term support, further sessions after the first 4 are priced at £50 for each 30 minute session (usually once per month).

Metabolic Balance Programme £695

This is a personalised weight loss plan using a blood analysis. The bespoke nutritional plan is created by Metabolic Balance company, the price includes the blood test and 5 support sessions. Further information can be found here. 


Functional Testing Support Service 

This is a service for those who already know which tests they want to run and need a certified practitioner to order these tests for them and explain the results. Due to my extensive experience with functional testing, I can help you get the most out of the tests that you want to run and explain them comprehensively and in language that you will understand.  

I hour Results Interpretation Appointment plus Report £95

Please note, you will also need to pay for the test itself which can range from £150 - £380.

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