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Stool testing provides key insights into:

 Digestive & absorption processes

 Inflammatory processes

 Gut bacteria, pathogens & parasites 

Available Tests

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Microbiology test

 Commensal and beneficial bacteria assessment via PCR

 Parasite assessment via  microscopy & PCR

 Pathogenic bacteria

 Yeast imbalance


(including health plan)

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gut assessment

 Includes all contents of basic microbiology test

 Inflammatory markers: Calprotectin, SIgA and EPX

 Assessment of digestion and absorption processes: pancreatic elastase & faecal fats

 Short chain fatty acids: butyrate, acetate and proprionate


(including health plan)

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Small Intestinal Bacteria Overgrowth breath test

 Discover whether SIBO is an issue for you

 est will identify whether it is hydrogen dominant or intestinal methanogen overgrowth

 Do it yourself home breath test over 2 or 3 hours


If you require ongoing support based on the test results then I will usually suggest that you move to the Happy Gut Plan.

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Happy Gut Plan

Understand the root cause of chronic gut health issues and get relief from long term symptoms with a personalised gut health programme which includes functional testing and is designed to restore ease and enjoyment of life.

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