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Feel like you are running on your stress hormones, wired but tired? Can’t switch off but exhausted underneath it?

Evaluation of adrenal function is useful for those with these kinds of symptoms which are linked with short-term or ongoing stress in life. The adrenal glands produce stress hormone cortisol (alongside other hormones such as DHEA) 

The Adrenal Stress Profile is an evaluation of your cortisol levels over the day and can give us insights into how your body is coping with stress and how this maybe impacting on your day to day health. 

During acute or short-term stressors, cortisol tends to be elevated, whereas more chronic stress can produce more of a dysregulated pattern or ‘wired but tired’ type picture, or even ‘hypocortisolaemia’ where the cortisol levels are consistently low throughout the day.

Image by Kinga Cichewicz

Symptoms that are commonly associated with cortisol dysregulation:




Dry skin

Hair loss

I use the Genova Diagnostics Adrenal Stress Profile which is a simple saliva test carried out at your home. You will collect saliva samples at four points throughout the day and post them back to the laboratory for analysis. 

Adrenal function is also important where there are thyroid imbalances because of the close link between these two endocrine systems.

Evaluation of Thyroid function

The thyroid gland controls the body’s metabolism via the production of the hormone thyroxine. There are a number of factors in our day to day lives that can negatively impact the production of this hormone such as stress, lack of certain nutrients, environmental toxins and medications.

I use The Doctors Laboratory blood test to give a full picture of thyroid health status. (T4, T3, TSH, TG antibodies, TPO antibodies) 

Image by Anthony Tran

Symptoms that are commonly associated with low thyroid function are:

Difficulty losing weight



Feeling cold

Low sex drive

Hair loss

Low mood

Available tests

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Adrenal Stress Profile


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