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The Happy Gut Plan

Understand the root cause of chronic gut health issues and get relief from long term symptoms with a personalised gut health programme which includes functional testing and is designed to restore ease and enjoyment of life.

The Happy Gut Plan is a personalised gut health programme designed to uncover the root cause of ongoing gut issues and restore balance to the digestive tract using the latest functional medicine testing combined with comprehensive diet and lifestyle plan. The plan is not a ‘one size fits all’ but is adapted to suit your specific needs. The duration is therefore different for each person. Our goal is to provide a life-long way of diverse and nutritious eating to support your optimal health tailored to your lifestyle needs.


My strategies 

I work with each person in the best way that I can, taking time to understand your concerns and together create a personalised gut health plan to suit your particular needs.


I want you to feel cared for, listened to and reassured. I do not offer different packages as each strategy I use is personalised to the individual. We will together create a plan based on your particular circumstances and health profile.

Before the appointment you will need to complete and submit a health questionnaire which I will use during our initial meeting to gather information and build a picture of your health. I will also discuss with you any underlying imbalances which I feel may be driving your health concerns. This will include physical, emotional and lifestyle factors.


I usually recommend one or two functional tests which can be carried out at home (e.g microbiome assessment) helping us to identify specific drivers of symptoms such as pathogens, inflammation or deficiencies which may be contributing to the overall picture.

I then will work closely with you with regular appointments to help you implement the dietary changes into your life and support you on your way back to health. 

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