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Gastrointestinal Support 

Happiness starts in the gut and there is now research to support this!


The Gut - Brain axis is a massively growing area of interest. The bugs in your gut produce all sorts of chemicals which can affect your brain and how you are feeling.  Inflammation or toxicity in the gut can lead us to feel foggy and lethargic whereas a nice balance of helpful bugs in the gut are more likely to produce effects of clarity and calmness.  There are ways that we can modify our gut bacteria using the foods that we eat and sometimes also some supplements.  

Does this sound like you?

  • Are you tired of ongoing abdominal bloating and discomfort? 

  • Have you restricted your diet so much that you find it difficult to know what you can eat and find it frustrating going out to restaurants? 

  • Do you worry about how your gut will behave during stressful events?

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Happy Gut Plan

Understand the root cause of chronic gut health issues and get relief from long term symptoms with a personalised gut health programme which includes functional testing and is designed to restore ease and enjoyment of life.

Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth

If your IBS symptoms include a lot of gas production, especially if this happens soon after eating, alongside constipation or diarrhoea, then it is possible that SIBO may be playing a role.

'Kate was both highly professional and very warm and understanding. She recommended the right tests for me and we quickly came to a diagnosis. From there she helped me implement the right combination of food and supplements that addressed the underlying condition which was SIBO.  She followed up and checked that I was okay throughout the process. I am now SIBO free and have a beautiful flat tummy thanks to Kate! I would highly recommend Kate.' (Doctify Verified) 

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