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Are you struggling with low mood, lack of motivation, brain fog, memory lapses? Are you worried about declining mental health now or in the future? 

You may be surprised to know that there is now masses of scientific literature which shows that by making specific, long-term diet and lifestyle changes you can physically improve your brain function and mood, reduce inflammation and protect the brain from cognitive decline.  


City Life Nutrition provides evidence based, targeted nutrition and lifestyle programmes to help you achieve clearer thinking, improved mood and cognitive health.


What can be done using Food? 


You can do so much with your diet to improve the way that you feel. This is an exciting and massively growing area in the scientific literature which has given us all the tools we need to upgrade our brains and our lives. We just need to put it into practice. 

You can start with 'The Basics' which means adding specific foods into your diet which have been shown to improve brain health and mood and removing foods which have a detrimental effect. Improving sleep quality and using some quick relaxation techniques to reduce excess stress hormones.  After that we can dive into specific areas that maybe impacting you more: 


  • Are you eating and absorbing adequate protein in your diet to provide the right amino acids to produce neurotransmitters such as serotonin? 

  • Are you eating and absorbing the right nutrients to support repair and growth of brain tissue?

  • Is there any excess inflammation in the body or brain which can lead to low mood? 

  • Are you getting enough good quality sleep and keeping stress hormones at a healthy level? 

  • Are you being exposed to a high level of environmental toxins such as mercury or mould? How can we support detoxification? 

  • Are you eating in a way that promotes healthy balance of gut microbes? These microorganisms produce chemicals which have a direct impact on the brain. 

Mood and Mind

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What my clients say

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