Formula for health

  • Brain fog, lethargy, low mood?

  • This 'Anti-inflammatory' formula can help break through this and bring you back to vitality 

  • 6-week programme will give you the tools you need to optimise your health long-term

Foggy head, fatigue and low mood can be a result of low grade inflammation in the body.

Dr Alessio Fasano (Harvard professor and leading researcher in gut health) recently published a review paper suggesting that most of the modern-day chronic health conditions that we are experiencing today are chronic inflammatory illnesses linked with increased gut permeability (‘leaky gut’) which drives inflammation (Fasano 2020). Conditions such as depression, obesity, diabetes, celiac disease, mental health disorders, cancer, chronic fatigue, autistic spectrum disorder, neuro inflammatory diseases, many gastrointestinal disorders, eczema, asthma can all be linked with inflammation.

Reducing inflammation and doing what we can to heal the gut lining and promote a healthy gut microbiome is key to reversing this decline and promoting optimal health, clear thinking and longevity.

The Formula for Health has been developed as a dietary framework, a way of eating to help reduce inflammation in the body and promote vitality, clear thinking and healthy ageing.

The Formula for Health a six-week plan which cuts out inflammatory foods and includes more of the foods which have therapeutic anti-inflammatory properties. The idea being that once you have followed it for six weeks, you will then have the tools that you need to understand how to eat that is best for your health long-term, whether you stick to it 100% or 60% going forward after that.

There are 4 steps to this programme, it is flexible to allow you to follow 1,2,3 or 4 of the steps:

  1. Cut out inflammatory foods (wheat, refined sugar products, cow’s milk products)

  2. Include therapeutic foods to support blood glucose balance and reduce inflammation

  3. Include foods that nourish the gut bacteria and support healthy gut lining

  4. Eat everything within a 12 hour window

Available Online or

over the phone

This programme is available over the phone or online support only and is aimed at those who are relatively healthy and want to make a few changes. If you have more complex health issues then you may need longer support and I may suggest functional testing, the Metabolic Balance Programme or the Happy Gut Plan.

What my clients say

"I had been struggling with putting on weight with the menopause. The methods I usually use to lose weight didn't work anymore. Kate carefully designed a wonderful eating plan which is really tasty and filling and easy to manage. I’m so pleased that I started losing weight straight away and I understand what to eat to avoid feeling hungry between meals. It has revolutionised my habits of eating and I am feeling much healthier and energised too. Kate is a very patient and caring nutritionist and I fully recommend her" 

(Anonymous verified patient)