The Superhealth Plan

  • Feeling like you are not functioning at full capacity?

  • Want to change your eating habits to feel more energised?

  • Want to support your immune system function?

Super charge your health in 10 days with this programme, designed to help you take control of your own health and understand which foods will help you to maximise your nutrient intake, support energy levels and immune functioning.

During the initial consultation I will take a health history and listen to your objectives and health goals, we will discuss your current diet and manageable changes that you can realistically make. 


I will then provide you with a food plan based on delicious whole foods and simple to prepare meals. I may also suggest some nutritional supplements which are optional and not included in the price of the programme. 


After 10 days there will be a follow up consultation to check progress and make any changes for a long-term strategy for health.

Available Online or

over the phone

This programme is available over the phone or online support only and is aimed at those who are relatively healthy and want to make a few changes. If you have more complex health issues then you may need longer support and I may suggest functional testing, the Metabolic Balance Programme or the Happy Gut Plan.

What my clients say

"I had been struggling with putting on weight with the menopause. The methods I usually use to lose weight didn't work anymore. Kate carefully designed a wonderful eating plan which is really tasty and filling and easy to manage. I’m so pleased that I started losing weight straight away and I understand what to eat to avoid feeling hungry between meals. It has revolutionised my habits of eating and I am feeling much healthier and energised too. Kate is a very patient and caring nutritionist and I fully recommend her" 

(Anonymous verified patient)

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