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Are you addicted to stimulants?

If the thought of giving up coffee or alcohol makes you panic, then the chances are you are currently addicted to stimulants.

Caffeine, stress, cigarettes and sugar keep your blood sugar out of balance by giving you artificial boosts, closely followed by an energy slump. This sets up cravings and keeps you addicted. Your body then has to work hard to deal with these elements, which it treats as toxins that therefore need to be eliminated if we are to detox effectively.


Caffeine is dehydrating and will not help the detox process. It’s also addictive - watch out for

withdrawal symptoms! A small cup of instant coffee can contain 500mg (5x addictive dose) of caffeine. Even more chemicals are used in the manufacturing of decaffeinated coffee and it contains 2 other stimulants (theophylline and theobromine). It’s better, but it’s not perfect.

Caffeine makes you more stressed and tired and is bad for your heart as well as causing inflammation in the body and disrupting normal sleep patterns.


The more alcohol you drink, the more antioxidants you need. It is very acidic and toxic (hence the hangover) and causes premature ageing, osteoporosis and can lead

on to other disease states. Alcohol can cause cancer (affects intestinal bacteria and shown to increase the risk of some cancers) as well as irritating the intestinal lining causing leaky gut and food intolerances. It also destroys nutrients (anti-nutrient) as well as dehydrating you, it aslo requires you to replace B vitamins, Magnesium, zinc and vitamin C.

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