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What is GL and why is it good?

GL stands for glycaemic load. It is a measure of the quantity and quality of carbohydrate in any given food. It shows us the effect each type of food has on our blood sugar. Keeping your blood sugar stable is the secret to losing weight. Foods with a high GL rating encourage the body to store fat. Foods with a low GL rating encourage the body to burn fat.

The science behind the blood sugar balancing diet is very simple. Your body is designed to burn glucose for energy. Carbohydrates such as grains (bread, pasta, rice) and fruits are broken down into glucose in the body. But in today’s typical Western diet, the wrong types of carbohydrates are consumed excessively, resulting in too much blood glucose. The excess is stored as fat, leaving the body craving even more food to meet its energy requirements. The body has lost blood sugar control and weight gain becomes inevitable. If your blood glucose levels are even, you’ll have a steady supply of energy and a healthy but balanced appetite. This is the reason you’ll have no problem maintaining the right weight on this diet. But, if your blood sugar levels are too high, you’ll lay down fat; if they are too low, you’ll feel tired and lethargic. Balance is key.

A quarter of all people, and nine out of ten people with weight problems, have difficulty keeping their blood sugar level balanced. The result is exhaustion and weight gain.

And this is just the beginning. Obese people are 77 times more at risk of developing diabetes than non-obese people, a statistic that alone tells you how strongly linked weight gain is to blood sugar control.

So, the best way to lose weight is to regain blood sugar control, which heralds the return of your body’s ability to burn fat. You’ll lose weight effortlessly without having to starve and gain health and vitality at the same time. Keeping your blood sugar balanced depends on choosing foods with a low GL; you might be amazed by some of the foods that have a high GL rating. Cornflakes have a very high GL, whilst peanuts do not!


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