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Breakfast - Overnight Oats

Really easy breakfast, both filling and delicious, you can prepare it the night before so no prep needed in the morning. I normally use some low sugar fruit either chopped apple, pear or papaya. A few tablespoons of whole oats, around 5 teaspoons of seeds (sunflower and pumpkin). A tablespoon of flax and a tablespoon of chia. A tablespoon of nuts - I like almonds or walnuts. Combine with 150g natural yogurt (goat's or sheep's yogurt better for those sensitive souls) - so that's almost half a large pot. By soaking in the fridge overnight, the seeds and nuts become soft and more digestible. The flax will form a gel like consistency which is great for soaking up and excreting toxins as well as supporting bowel movements. If you have a dairy sensitivity you could try using 'Soyade' soy yoghurt instead.

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