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The power of the microbiome

Our relationship with our microbiome is deeper than we ever thought. The human genome consists of about 25,000 genes whereas our gut microbiome has 46 million! So we rely heavily on our microbial genome which can promote health or disease.

The science is now clear that pretty much all chronic disease has its roots in the microbiome and The American Microbiome Project (2017) which is the largest ever human study into the impacts of the microbiome, highlighted the impacts that poor diet, stress and antibiotics are having on our microbiome which is linked to all aspects of our health.

To heal yourself and / or prevent chronic disease, it is vital to consider the microbiome.

There are easy actions that you can take daily like:

The microbiome is like a garden that needs care and attention but by taking small steps the garden can flourish and pay you back 100 fold in health.

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