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Low Carb meals give longer lasting energy

Updated: May 19, 2022

This recent study, published in 2020 nicely demonstrates the group who ate the meals containing high carbohydrate (60% kcal from fat; 20% kcal protein and 20% fat) had lower energy after 5 hours than the group who ate the low carbohydrate, high protein and fat group (20% kcal from carbs, 60% fat and 20% protein). You can see from the graph below how the high carbohydrate meals (red line) give a higher burst of energy at the start and then dips down whereas the low carbohydrate group (blue line) had more consistent and sustained energy over the time period.

Those in the low carbohydrate group also experienced lower insulin levels (fuel storage hormone) and higher glucagon levels (fuel releasing hormone). Higher insulin and lower glucagon as seen in the high carbohydrate group, directs fuel towards storage, resulting in lower amounts available for energy and less weight loss (more storage as fat).

'Effects of Dietary Carbohydrate Content on Circulating Metabolic Fuel Availability in the Postprandial State'. Shimy et al 2020. Endocrine Society.

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