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Vitamin C for Covid

The results of a randomised, placebo- controlled study of Vitamin C on Covid-19 patients on ventilators in hospitals in Wuhan, reports 80% less mortality in the most critically ill who were given vitamin C compared with the placebo group. Wuhan now have virtually no critical care Covid patients. Wuhan took two measures last February - a very strict lockdown with efficient track and trace system and they also had widescale distribution of vitamin C to hospital patients and also hospital workers.

So why are we not being told about the benefits of vitamin C? Leading nutritionist and author Patrick Holford is running a campaign called VitaminC4Covid which is supported by over 700 doctors and other health professionals. Mr Holford says 'The evidence for vitamin C, if taken in doses of 6 to 8 grams on the first day of infection, clearly shows that it shortens both duration and severity of colds. In one study, half of participants were symptom free within 24 hours. It is safe, cheap, available and effective.'

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